SIWAPP is based on the symfony framework, and it needs to have access to certain special files and directories to work.

We strongly encourage you to read the siwapp deployment strategies wiki, to find out more about some concepts we are going to talk about here.

The webpage you're seeing right now is located at:

SIWAPP can't access the symfony root directory where it is supposed to be. This is probably because it's located on a place your php code can't access due to apache restrictions set by your hosting provider.

  1. If you're sure your symfony root directory is readable by your php code, then type on the input form its path.
  2. If your php can't access the symfony root directory, then move the symfony root directory to a place where your php has access to, reload this page, and indicate on the input form the new path.

Your web server doesn't support url rewriting. Please activate mod_rewrite module in your web server.

Once you've solved the indicated problems, reload this page, or just click on the "start" button.

Siwapp is Free Software released under the MIT license